Travel Tips – How to Travel Light While Packing All the Essentials

If you’re going on a trip abroad, it is best to be well-prepared with travel tips in mind. There are items that you need to bring as well as things that won’t be much use on the trip. A tour of a country usually involves a lot of walking and transferring from one town to another; thus, it is best to travel light. One carry-all luggage should be enough for a 7-day and 6-night tour and a handbag that contains only the essential things you need for the trip.

There are things that you must bring and keep with you at all times. These are the items that must be placed inside your handbag. Thus, it is best to bring a large handbag with lots of compartments or a bag with an organizer inside it. This way, it will be much easier to find and retrieve items that you need. Here are the items that are recommended to be placed inside your handbag when traveling to any foreign country. Let these packing tips help you to travel light and pack only all the essential stuff.

Passport with visa
Airline ticket
Identification preferably a driver’s license
Wallet with cash (US dollars), credit cards and an ATM card
An international cell phone (a handy and cheap one will do)
Digital camera that’s lightweight with extended battery
Small flashlight
Calling card of the hotel you’re staying at
Map of the country you’re visiting in case you get lost
Wet ones and small pack of tissue paper
Medication if any
Contact number of the person who handles your tour group
Depending on your needs and daily requirements, you may also need to bring other extra stuff in your handbag to make your vacation more enjoyable. A small sunscreen would be a great idea as well as any device that allows you to connect with friends and family via wireless internet. There are also people who bring their iPods with them so that they can listen to music while traveling in the bus. A book would also be a nice addition so you can read something while waiting for your flight. Just remember though, that bringing too many gadgets can make your handbag heavy. A great idea would be to bring only one gadget that already contains an eBook, music, contacts and wifi connection among other things. A cellphone or one gadget that comes with all of these features would be a great idea to travel light.

For your suitcase, make sure that it contains chargers for your gadgets, and the clothes that you will be wearing on the trip. Clothing must include a nice dress for the ladies, shirts, shorts, jeans, a rain jacket and disposable underwear. The latter makes traveling so much easier as you can simply throw these away after use; thus giving your luggage extra space on your return flight. A rain jacket, on the other hand may come in handy if you’re going to a place with tropical climate. If you’re expecting sun and rain on your trip, do bring a rain jacket but also include flip-flops and a bathing suit if you plan to do some swimming and sunbathing at the beach. While you want to travel light, you also need to keep in mind that bringing the above items will make your stay more enjoyable.

While there are things that must be brought, there are also items that are not necessary. The items that can just make your bag heavy are as follows:

expensive jewelry
water bottles
high-heeled shoes
blow dryer
shampoo, soap and conditioner
first aid kit
On evenings out, girls can wear ballet flats instead of uncomfortable high heels as flat shoes are lighter. There’s also no need to bring things that you can find in your hotel room such as blow dryer, shampoo, soap, conditioner, towels and lotion. Also ask if the tour you are joining has a first aid kit ready if in case something goes wrong. This way, you don’t need to bring an emergency kit. Having a light luggage is so convenient as it let’s you quickly pack and move from one hotel to another.

If you plan to do a lot of shopping, then it’s alright if you pack only one or two outfits on your trip. You can buy new clothes and then just wear these clothes on the trip. Doing this allows you to further reduce the weight of your luggage while getting yourself new clothes to wear.

It is advisable to wear jeans on the plane as this is not only bulky when placed inside a suitcase, but it also allows a person to easily move when travelling. Also keep your jacket with you in case it rains. Wearing jeans and a nice rain jacket on the plane further gives your luggage less weight; thus, allowing you to really travel light to and from the country you’re visiting.

Travel and leisure is fun and exciting. With travel tips in mind and knowing what items to bring and leave behind, you can properly plan your vacation and truly enjoy your stay. It is always an advantage to travel light while making your trip more comfortable by bringing only all the necessary items.

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What You Need to Know About Traveling Light

The biggest mistake when traveling is to pack more than what you need. A lot of travelers face this dilemma: they pack more than what they actually need and they end up going home with even more luggage. As they saying goes, it’s always wise to travel light.

Why Travel Light?

Traveling light comes with some advantages:

Security – The lesser number of belongings you take with you, the lesser the risk of losing valuable items. If you only have one carry-on bag when you ride a plane, train, ship or bus, you can see to it that your belongings are taken cared of as they are literally right under your eye. Thus, the lesser risk of getting your things damaged or mishandled and you also lessen the risk of being a victim of theft.

Economy – Traveling light will let you eliminate those extra fees for checked-in baggage. On top of that, you’ll be able to take public transport like a bus or a train.

Flexibility – Less weight means that you’ll have better mobility and more travel options. It will be very easy to switch travel logistics, etc.

Convenience – The biggest advantage of traveling light is convenience. No bulky bags to strain your back, no stress over the security of your belongings and no worries about paying excessive amounts of cash just for your luggage.

The 7 Rules of Traveling Light

Many people say they travel light but they actually don’t. Traveling light can be compared to a strategic process that needs to start from the very beginning of planning.

Rule #1: Plan your activities and figure out what you need for them. Always keep in mind your objective for traveling and only bring what you really need for it.

Rule #2: Prepare what you want to bring on your trip. Carefully arrange them out on your bed and ask yourself: “Do I really need this? Which one is a better option?” As a rule of thumb, always go with the practical alternative. For example, take a neutral pair of shoes with you so you don’t need to bring several pairs to match all of your clothes.

Rule #3: Choose the appropriate bag. You don’t want a bag that’s too small or too big. Having a bag that’s too big will tempt you to pack more than what you actually need. Go with the standard: 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches.

Rule #4: Do not put everything in your bag right away. Take time to think it through. Do you really need to bring a hair dryer when you’re going to stay at a hotel that will obviously have one?

Rule #5: Go ahead and prepare what you think you need but only pack half of it.

Rule #6: Never fold your clothes, roll them. Traveling light also means that you know how to pack right and make everything fit. Roll your garments to make sure that every inch of space in your bag is filled.

Rule #7: Don’t over stuff your bag. Take note that you will be on a trip and there is a possibility that you’ll come home with newly bought items.

Traveling light isn’t hard. However, it can be quite a challenge especially if you’re not used to it. The main secret to master the art of traveling light is control. Take control of yourself and just go with the essentials.

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